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View of Georgetown campus from the Virginia side of the Potomac

View of Georgetown campus from the Virginia side of the Potomac

Library and Data Services for MSB Faculty : Teaching

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Tools for Teaching

Beginning of Semester

Teaching alliance with Library

I am here to help your students in class and on their own time.

In Class:

I can come into your classroom or your students can use the Dubin Room.

5 min- Overview of library services and finding information in the library's website.

30 min- To cover 3 relevant databases, including one article database (covering why and how to cite the source).

20 min- Hands on time with working on the assignment.

7 min- To discuss problems/strategies.

other items to cover:

20 min- Data sources and evaluation and Open data.

15 min- Using Refworks to collect and manage citations and to create a bibliography.

20 min- Evaluating webpages and effective websearching.

10 min- How to find non-published information:  associations, conferences, interviews.

35 min- Understanding bias and developing critical thinking.

Customized - Tailored to the needs of the your course, examp

On their time:

If you don't have time for to me to come to your class, please consider some of these services: create a course guide to assist students in assignments and further edification, add current awareness via a RSS feed on your Blackboard page, or add links to learn better websearching skills.  I can also create online tutorials for specific databases.  Feel free to direct your students to me during my office hours or to set up a Four-Warm Bodies session.

Guides:  A course guide or subject guide that focuses attention on relevant sources or services and act as a primer to start exploring.

Online Tutorial: Concentrates on how to use one source that may have a steep learning curve, such as Simmons Oneview, Ad$pender, ThomsonOne Banker, etc.

Student-requested sessions/Four-Warm Bodies:  This arrangement is made between at least 4 students and myself to come to Hariri and teach them a database such as Bloomberg or other complicated databases that requires some kind of hands on experience to understand how to use it.

Office Hours:  While classes are in session I can be found in Hariri 157 every Monday and Tuesday 2-3, at Lauinger Library every Monday 4-6, and by appointment.

How to Put Materials on Reserve?

To have material put on reserve at the Lauinger Circulation Desk, complete and submit the appropriate form(s). Both e-articles and books can be put on reserves.

  • Electronic Reserves Form in PDF
  • Book Reserves Form in PDF
In general:
  • There is no limit to the number of items a professor may place on course reserves
  • All books, book chapters, and articles can be placed on reserve.
  • If the library does not have the item, a copy will be ordered.
  • Personal copies of books can also be placed on reserve.
  • When Access Services staff create a Course Reserves for individual classes a link to that class' Blackboard page is simultaneously created. You can access your reserves without leaving Blackboard. Find our link, Georgetown Reserves and Resources, under Course Tools on your class' Blackboard page.
To expedite your request, please bring the reserve material when turning in the reserve form. Forms and materials can also be sent to Requests will be processed in the order received and may take 2 or more days. Telephone (202) 687-7607

Open Educational Resources (OER)

Services for Teaching

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