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Chronicle Access Details

How can I access The Chronicle of Higher Education?

  • Log into through the LibraryAuthenticate with your NetID (if necessary) and enjoy full access to the Chronicle. No signups required.
  • Install Lean Library for automatic Library access. After installation, go to Lean Library will pop up and give you one-click Library access. (You can also set Lean Library to automatically redirect your Chronicle visits through the Library.) ProxyGU is another tool that allows you to visit and then redirect your visit through the Library's proxy server.
  • Create a personal Chronicle account with your email address. This will link your Chronicle account to Georgetown's subscription. After creating a Chronicle account, you can log into from anywhere and enjoy Georgetown's access to the Chronicle. By creating a Chronicle account, you are subject to the terms and conditions set by the Chronicle of Higher Education.

What's included in the Library's Chronicle subscription?

  • All articles published by the Chronicle back to 1989.
  • Job listings from the Chronicle.
  • Newsletters and virtual events hosted by the Chronicle.
  • Some special issues and reports, however...
  • Most special reports are not included with Georgetown's subscription. Access must be purchased by individuals.

Chronicle Links

Chronicle "copy link" buttonCan I share links to Chronicle articles?

Links to Chronicle articles can be shared with other Georgetown users. Please share links, rather than copying entire articles.

Links need to be proxied to work from off-campus. To create a proxied link, you can use ProxyGU or the manual procedure below.

Creating a proxied Chronicle link with ProxyGU: 

  • Go to the Chronicle page you'd like to link.
  • Click the ProxyGU button in your Bookmarks.
  • Copy the URL from the URL bar (should have "" somewhere in the URL). You can now paste this URL into an email, or create a Canvas external URL.

Creating a proxied Chronicle link manually:

  1. When viewing an article, look for the Copy Link URL button (see right). Click or tap this link to copy the article URL to the clipboard. 
  2. Open Notepad or another text editor (not Microsoft Word). Paste the URL. 
  3. Add to the front of the URL. For example, if your original URL was:
    Your new (proxied) URL would be: (all on one line)
  4. Copy the new URL. You can now paste this URL into an email, or create a Canvas external URL.

Links can not be shared outside GU. If you share a link with a non-GU colleague, they will need their own Chronicle subscription to read the article. 

Chronicle Newsletters

How do I sign up for Chronicle newsletters?

Go to You will be asked to sign in (or sign up) for a free Chronicle account.

From the Newsletters page, you can select various daily/weekly/occasional email newsletters from the Chronicle. (This is also where to unsubscribe and stop receiving the email newsletters.)

How can I read a newsletter from off-campus?

The Chronicle doesn't automatically proxy its newsletter links, so if you try to click newsletter links at home (or on the Metro), you will hit a paywall. When off-campus, you can:

  • Sign in to your Chronicle account before reading the newsletter. When you click on newsletter links, the Chronicle will recognize your account and allow you full access to Georgetown's subscription.
  • Install and use Lean Library. When you click on a newsletter link, Lean Library will pop up and offer to redirect the link through the Library proxy server for full Georgetown access. (You may need to enter your NetID and password.) You can also set Lean Library to automatically redirect newsletter links through the proxy. 

Not all newsletters and newsletter articles are covered by Georgetown's subscription. Some newsletters are only available to "premium" individual subscribers. Also, even in the "free" newsletters such as Academe Today, the Chronicle often advertises its special reports and other content that is not part of Georgetown's site license.

Chronicle for Research

How can I cross-search the Chronicle with other newspapers, or look for older articles?

Several Library databases index the Chronicle and allow for easy cross-searching with other newspapers or education publications. Consult the HoyaSearch record for The Chronicle of Higher Education for a complete list of resources. If you are looking for tabular or statistical education data, see our Education Research Guide's page on Data & Statistics

The Chronicle archives on go back to 1989. For older articles (1966-1989) we suggest EBSCO Education, which indexes the Chronicle back to 1966. Find Full Text @ Georgetown (within EBSCO Education) can be used to place Interlibrary Loan requests for individual articles. For assistance on finding and working with older Chronicle articles, please schedule an appointment with a librarian.


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