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Off-Campus Access (OCA) and Remote Access

Tools and tips for using Library resources when away from campus.

Getting Started with Lean Library

Download Lean Library

Getting Started with Lean LibraryLean Library Settings picture

  1. Download the Lean Library extension for your browser.
  2. Choose Georgetown University Library in Settings.
    • Make sure you choose the Main Campus Library.
    • Do NOT choose Georgetown University Medical Center unless you are a GUMC affiliate.
  3. Optional: check/uncheck boxes to "skip the popup" and "show timer." (We recommend using the default settings -- you can always come back to these boxes later.)
  4. Save your settings and start your research! When you're on a site that has a Library subscription, Lean Library will automatically redirect you through the Library proxy server for access to Library-subscribed articles, books, journals, and other content.
  5. When prompted, log in with your NetID to authenticate to the Library's proxy server.

Lean Library is available for Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Safari, and iOS.

Questions? Problems? Read the FAQ or contact the Electronic Resources & Serials Unit.

About Lean Library

What is Lean Library?

Lean Library is a browser extension that provides direct access to Library e-journals, e-books, and other resources.

When you visit a site where the Library has a subscription, Lean Library will pop up notifications where you might have access through the Georgetown University Library.

Lean Library incorporates the following features:

  • Proxy Redirection: When you visit a website where the Library has a subscription (such as Project Muse,, Lean Library automatically recognizes the website and redirects you through the Library's proxy server, so that the website gives you full access to Library-subscribed content.
  • Open Access Full Text Alternatives: If you're looking at an article where the Library lacks a subscription, Lean Library will automatically search for a freely available version. 
  • E-Books: Looking at a book online? If Lean Library recognizes the site, it will attempt to see if the Library has an accessible e-book version you can read.
  • Interlibrary Loan (ILL) for journal articles: If the Library doesn't have a subscription to the journal and no free alternatives are available, Lean Library will provide a link to Interlibrary Loan, making it easy to place an ILL request for an article.
  • Google Scholar integration: Use Google Scholar for searching? Lean Library will automatically add Georgetown University Library links to search results.

For more information about Lean Library, read our FAQ, watch the video below, or contact the Electronic Resources & Serials Unit.

Lean Library Video Tutorial

How to temporarily disable or remove Lean Library

Lean Library Removal

How to temporarily disable or remove (delete) Lean Library 

Uninstalling or temporarily disabling Lean Library isn't difficult, but the steps taken will depend on your browser. 

Please see this tutorial from Lean Library Support that provide details for removing or temporarily disabling Lean Library for major browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • Edge

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