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Text and Data Mining Databases

Guidance on using library-licensed resources for text and data mining.

New York Times


The New York Times Developer Portal provides API-level access to NYT article metadata. Full text of articles is NOT available through this service. 

API calls will generally return metadata (headline, byline, date, keywords, etc.) and a URL to the full article. Reading the article (clicking the URL) requires a NYT subscription, which may limit the number of articles you can read. For example, GU's Academic Pass access is limited to 5 articles/day from the Times archive.

Quick Info:

Coverage All New York Times articles, including archive (1851-present)
Registration required? Yes
API available? Yes (multiple)
Publication restrictions? Yes - see below
Library permission required? No

API tools available (May 2023):

  • Archive API - Get all NYT article metadata for a given month. Can retrieve back to 1851
  • Article Search API - Search for NYT articles about a specific person, topic, date.
  • Books API - Search for book reviews and titles on bestseller lists.
  • Most Popular API - Search by date for top emailed articles, top viewed articles, or top shared articles on Facebook.
  • Movie Reviews API - Search NYT movie reviews
  • RSS API - Craft an RSS feed of NYT articles from a particular section
  • Times Wire API - stream of NYT articles as soon as they publish.
  • Top Stories API - get articles currently on the NYT home page or a section front page.


  • Generating API keys requires a NYT Developer Account (free).
  • Reading articles retrieved requires New York Times Academic Pass account and is subject to its limits.
  • Rate limits -- 500 requests/day and 5 requests/minute (see FAQ).
  • Credit the New York Times in all apps and uses of data -- see Branding and Attribution.
  • Other restrictions -- see Branding and Attribution.

Publisher Resources:

Library Resources Covered:

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