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December 2020

couple hugging for movie "killer of Sheep"

Image used with permission from Milestone Films

Finance Fiction Fix stories of people who have money or don't.

The world of finance can provide stories that both inspire and outrage. In this month’s Recommended Reading virtual display of online sources, transport yourself to that world with novels and feature films where economics is central to the plot. From Elinor Fulton (1837), Dreiser's The Financier(1912) and other stories of love and economics or videos like Killer of Sheep (2008) or Songs of the River (1954) revealing commerce as a way of life will provide entertainment over the holidays. There are also eBooks with themes from literature like Fictitious Capital: Silk, Cotton, and the Rise of the Arabic Novel (2017) or The merchant of modernism: the economic Jew in Anglo-American literature (2003) where you have a meta look at how finance and fiction merge. As well as foreign language items that incorporate economics and business. The list incorporates older stories that offer an intriguing look into how economic life has changed over the years. Don't forget to read the left column to learn of other people's favorites which you can check out from Lauinger or your local public library.

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