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Data Services for MSB


Must be a faculty member or working for a faculty member to use.

Contact MSB-Help for access to any of these databases, 7-4233

Faculty Research

Contact MSB-Help for access to any of these databases, 7-4233

Behavioral Research Laboratory

The McDonough School of Business (MSB) Behavioral Research Laboratory supports data collection for behavioral research on business-related topics. Lab users include marketing, management, and operations professors who collect primary data as part of their research. Its primary goal is to improve the research productivity of MSB faculty who do behavioral research by making data collection easier and cheaper. The lab operates as a virtual lab through the use of wireless connectivity and online research software.  In addition to collecting data using online survey software (e.g. Qualtrics), the lab supports data collected via Inquisit and MediaLab. The Graduate Assistants who are funded by grants to faculty affiliated with the lab are available to help with secondary data collection such as web crawling and data coding.

For more information about the MSB Behavior Research Lab, contact the Lab Manager.

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