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Maryland Province Archives

This is a guide to using the Maryland Province Archives (MPA), held at the Booth Family Center for Special Collections.

Society of Jesus (Jesuits) and the MPA

Maryland Province Jesuits

Researchers interested in the history of the Society of Jesus in NorthProvincial Congregation, St. Francis Xavier, 1910, Woodstock College Archives America will find extensive materials related to Jesuit governance, membership, and theology since the founding of the Mission of Maryland in 1634 through the 20th century. 

This includes documentation of the Jesuit Mission in the Maryland region, broadly defined, in its various stages:

  • Mission of Maryland (1634-1774)
  • Jesuit Suppression and Restoration (1773-1805)
  • Mission of the Federation of America (1805-1830)
  • Maryland Province (1830-1880)
  • Maryland-New York Province (1880-1943)
  • Maryland Province (1943-2020)

Among the records contained in the collection are correspondence, diaries, and ledgers reflecting Jesuit administrative structures, including:

  • Records of the Provincial
  • Records of the Procurator
  • Records of the Corporation of Roman Catholic Clergymen
  • Records of Jesuit Houses
  • Papers of Individual Priests

Image: Provincial Congregation, St. Francis Xavier, 1910, Woodstock College Archives





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