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Maryland Province Archives

This is a guide to using the Maryland Province Archives (MPA), held at the Booth Family Center for Special Collections.

Genealogical Research with the MPA

General Genealogical InquiriesNewtown Baptism, Marriage, and Burial Records, 1839-1843, Maryland Province Archives

Genealogists interested in individual members of the Maryland Province, or in parishioners in the communities the Province served, can search the MPA finding aid (following these tips) for relevant names or churches.  Please note that you may have more success by contacting the church itself, as many churches have retained their institutional records.

Descendants of the GU 272

Descendants of the GU 272 - those enslaved people sold by the Jesuits in 1838 - are encouraged to contact Booth staff and the Curator of Collections on Slavery, Memory and Reconciliation for assistance in locating materials. 

The Georgetown Slavery Archive (GSA) has put together information for descendants, available here.  Many of the key documents related to the sale have been digitized and transcribed by the GSA, and can be viewed here.

Image: Newtown Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials, 1839-1843, Maryland Province Archives

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