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English Literatures

A guide to research resources for English, American, and Anglophone world literature.

Researching Short Stories

Consult these sources to learn more about literary authors, periods, genres, texts, and their historical contexts.

Primary Sources - Fiction

Fiction Indexes

Browsing Areas

The following sections are good for browsing for fiction and books on fiction, which are shelved on the 5th floor of Lauinger Library.

PN 3311-3503 - Prose and Prose Fiction

PN 6120.15-6120.95 - Collections of Fiction

PR 821-890 - English Prose Fiction. The Novel.

PR 1281-1309 - Collections of English Prose (General)

PS 370-380 - American Prose Fiction

PS 642-659.5 - Collections of American Prose (General)

Fiction can also be found scattered throughout the PR and PS sections; however, those titles are interspersed with other genres and non-fiction works.

Sample Subject Headings




Author as Subject

Last name, First name

DeFoe, Daniel

National/Regional Literature

Nationality/Region + Literature

English literature

Irish literature

African literature (English)

Caribbean literature (English)

Literary Genre



Epistolary Fiction

Science Fiction

Short Story

Nationality/Region + Genre

English fiction

English prose literature

Commonwealth fiction (English)

Short stories, American

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