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English Literatures

A guide to research resources for English, American, and Anglophone world literature.


Reading Call Numbers

Read the first line in alphabetical order:
A, B, BF, C, D... L, LA, LB, LC, M, ML...

Read the second line as a whole number:
1, 2, 3, 45, 100, 101, 1000, 2000, 2430...

The third line is a combination of a letter and numbers. Read the letter alphabetically. Read the number as a decimal, e.g.:
.F64 = .64, .C724 = .724

Note: Some call numbers have more than one combination letter-number line.

The last line is the year the book was published. Read in chronological order:
1843, 1972, 2010…

Book title: The Anthology and the Rise of the Novel: From Richardson to George Eliot

Author: Leah Price

In the catalog: PR851 .P74 2000

On the book spine:

Image of call number on a book spine for PR851 .P74 2000

Browsing Areas

The following sections are good for browsing for books on English & American literature. These books are generally shelved on the 5th floor of Lauinger Library.

PE - English Language: Includes dictionaries, thesauri, and grammars

PN - Literature (General): Includes works on authorship, literary history, genres, and collections of literature

PR - English Literature: Includes British and Anglophone world literatures

PS - American Literature: Includes American and Canadian literatures

Sample Subject Headings




Author as Subject

Last name, First name

Browning, Elizabeth Barrett

National/Regional Literature

Nationality/Region + Literature

English literature

Irish literature

African literature (English)

Caribbean literature (English)

Literary Themes

Theme + in literature

Psychoanalysis in literature

Literature + theme

Literature - psychology

Theme + and literature

Psychoanalysis and literature

Literary Genre

Nationality + genre

English drama

English fiction

English poetry

English prose literature

Period History

Nation + history + time period

Great Britain -- History -- 19th century

Great Britain -- History -- Victoria, 1837-1901

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