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Biblical & Scriptural Studies

Bible Text Locations (Hardbound)

Various translations and versions of the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures can be found on both reference and circulating shelves of Lau and Woodstock (WTCL)

For the bibles available in WTCL's reference and circulating collections, look for the following Dewey classification ranges,

Biblical Texts: Complete: 220.412ff

                     Complete OT: 220.42Aff

                     Complete NT: 220.42Nff

For the bibles available in Lauinger's reference and circulating collections, and in WTCL's LoC circulating collection, look under the following Library of Congress numbers

Biblical Texts: Complete: BS135--BS355

                    Complete OT: BS825-1013

                    Complete NT: BS2025-2213

Biblical Texts (Electronic)

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