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Biblical & Scriptural Studies

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This guide is one of several on theological and religious studies resources at Georgetown University, including materials  in both Lauinger Library and in Woodstock Theological Center Library. This initial page deals mostly with navigating between the two collections, between reference materials on Lauinger's third floor and those in Woodstock, and between circulating materials in Lauinger's first floor and those of Woodstock on LL (Lower Lever)

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Locating Theology/Religious Studies Resources at Georgetown

Printed Religious Studies and Theology resources at Georgetown—both circulating and reference—are divided between the Lauinger (Lau) and Woodstock Theological Center (WTCL) collections.

Reference Materials:

            Lauinger’s printed theology reference works are found on the third floor among other reference resources. They appear in George as located in “Lauinger Ref Stacks,” with Library of Congress (LoC) call numbers (e.g., BX 338.452, I66, 1960).

            Woodstock reference materials are located in the Woodstock Library, Lower Level. They appear in George as located in “Lau Woodstock Ref,” with a  Dewey call number (e.g., 200.47, JV61).

Circulating Printed Resources:

            Lauinger’s circulating theological materials are found mostly on Lauinger’s first floor; they appear in George as located in the “Lauinger Stacks,” and are classified with a LoC call number.

            Woodstock circulating materials are located in the Woodstock Library, LL. They appear in George as located in “LAU Woodstock Stacks,” and have either Dewey call numbers (the older monographs, mostly) or LoC classification (the newer acquisitions). Please see a map at the Woodstock circulation desk or ask the staff for the locations of the various classifications. When grazing the shelves for topic areas, check both the Dewey and the LoC collections. Also you can find a map of the Woodstock collection layout here.


            Woodstock Library is open only five days a week. When closed, the WTCL’s reference collection is inaccessible. Circulating volumes, however, can be retrieved at off hours by the staff at the Lauinger third floor circulation desk.

            The citations listed this study guide cover both Lau and WTCL holdings. Individual items are marked accordingly, along with their LoC or Dewey call numbers (e.g., WTCL 230.05, I66, Ref).

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