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STRT 265: Business Government Relations

Professor: Dennis Quinn

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Washington Post Direct Access Details

3 ways to access the Washington Post:

  • Log in to through the Library. Authenticate with your NetID (if necessary) and enjoy full access to No signups required.
  • Install Lean Library for automatic Library access. After installation, go to Lean Library will pop up and give you one-click Library access. (You can also set Lean Library to automatically redirect your visits through the Library.)
  • Create a personal Washington Post account to access the website and Washington Post apps. Use the linked instructions for details. This method is required for app access. In creating a Washington Post account, you are subject to the terms and condititions set by the Washington Post.

What's included in direct access:

Renewing your Washington Post Direct Access

If your NetID is current and provides access to Library databases, you'll have access to the Post.

  • Student access is active until graduation. After graduation you will lose access to the Washington Post (and other Library databases). 
  • Faculty and staff access automatically renews as long as your employment, or we cancel our campus subscription. 

Already a Washington Post subscriber?

Main sidebar menu of the Washington Post My Post screen of the Washington Post Activation Screen of the Washington Post

Have a WaPo account using your GU email? You can link your existing account to Georgetown's subscription. (You may want to cancel your existing personal subscription first through the Post Help Center.)

  • Go to the Post home page and sign in to your existing account.
  • Click the person icon (may also be your name or email) in the top-right corner to bring up the Account menu.
  • Click My Post.
  • On the "My Post" page, click Manage account.
  • On the "Account" page, click Subscriptions & Billing.
  • Click the Activate Free Digital Access button.

Your account should now be linked to Georgetown direct access.

Users with Academic Rate subscriptions: If you signed up for access under an "Academic Rate" individual subscription, the Free Digital Access button will not appear until your individual subscription is cancelled and expires. Please link your existing account after your individual subscription expires.

Washington Post for Research

Searching the Post for articles about a specific person or event? Need to go farther back in the archive? The Library has several databases with advanced searching functionality and/or historical access.

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