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REES-4398/5501: Senior Colloquium/Capstone Seminar

Start Your Research

Welcome to the REES 4398/5501 course guide! This guide identifies resources for your project that are available from Georgetown, on the wider internet, and from specialized sources. If you have any questions about finding or using research resources, please contact Mark Winek for a consultation. 

Use the menu on the left to explore different types of resources available at Georgetown for Eurasian, Russian, and East European Studies. For interdisciplinary research, you will also benefit from our other subject guides to resources

Search Tips

  • Use quotes when your concept has more than one word (i.e. “military coup”)
  • Use synonyms and play around with keywords to create broader and narrower searches (i.e. women’s roles might be feminism) 
  • Search in English and target language (e.g., electric power or электроенжэнгия) 
    • For languages in Cyrillic script, condsider searching in the original script as well as in transliteration (e.g, электроенgэнгия or elektroenergiia), particularly in library catalogs
  • Use the filters (often on the left side of the database search page) to limit format (scholarly article, news, etc.), date of publication, language, and more

Transliteration and Searching in Cyrillic

Transliteration is the rendering or conversion of one type of script to another (as opposed to transcription, which concerns the sounds letters make). Many libraries transliterate texts in Cyrillic scripts.

When searching, attempt queries in both transliterated and original text whenever possible. Texts in original language scripts, including Cyrillic, are not always included in all database or library records.
Transliteration systems can vary but most libraries in the United States use the ALA-LC Romanization Tables. Common tables include:

For other types of transliteration of Cyrillic scripts, additional tables referencing the ISO and GOST standards are available.

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