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REES-4398/5501: Senior Colloquium/Capstone Seminar

Finding "Grey Literature"

The term "grey literature" refers to publications that do not fit neatly into scholar-reviewed or popular boxes. It includes things like conference papers, white papers, and reports from NGOs, think thanks, and government agencies among other documents. 

"Grey literature" can be helpful in disciplines where non-academic output is relevant and important, finding data, learning important authors, and finding the most recent materials on a topic. 

Try searching for reports on organizational websites. Because these reports are often in PDF format, you can do a search for "filteype:pdf." For example "gender filteype:pdf" will search for PDFs on the OSCE website that use the term "gender."

  "We Made It - Thinktank Birmingham Science Museum," by Elliott Brown. Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0. 

UN and International NGOs

Public Opinion Organizations

White Papers and Conference Proceedings

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