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Off-Campus Access (OCA) and Remote Access

Tools and tips for using Library resources when away from campus.

Google Scholar Library Links

If you use Google Scholar, we strongly suggest optimizing your Library Links to ensure easy access to Georgetown resources.You can use 1 of the 2 options below:

Option 1: Set Up Your Library Links (automatic, recommended)

Click for customized Georgetown University settings for Google Scholar. Log into Google Scholar, click the customized link, and then click Save. If you are logged in, Google should remember your settings.

Option 2: Manually Set Up Your Library Links

If clicking the customized link doesn't work, or you would like to add Georgetown in addition to other libraries, follow these steps.

  1. Go to Google Scholar.  Sign in, and click the "hamburger menu" (3 lines in top-left):Home page of Google Scholar with arrow pointing to hamburger menu
  2. Click the "gear icon" to open the Settings page:Google Scholar hamburger menu, with arrow pointing to gear icon for Settings
  3. Click Library links on the Settings page.Google Scholar settings page
  4. Type georgetown in the search box.
  5. Look for Georgetown University - Find full-text @ GU in the results. Check the box (if it's not already checked.)
    • We recommend UNchecking all other library boxes, but you may want to check the Law Library and/or Medical Center boxes, depending on your University affiliation.
  6. Click Save to save your settings. 

How do Library Links work?

When you search Google Scholar, you'll see Find full-text @ GU links in the results. Sometimes these links will appear to the right of the result, and other times the links will be hidden at the bottom of the result -- to unhide (or expand), click the double arrows.

The picture below shows all the possibilities:

  • The book (first result) has a (hidden) Find full-text @ GU link -- clicking the double arrows will reveal it.
  • The PDF (second result) shows a Find full-text @GU link, after the double arrows were clicked. (Note they are pointing left, not right.)
  • The journal article has a Find full-text @ GU link on the right.

Results for searching "Great Society Subway" on Google Scholar.

Warnings about Library Links

Library Links aren't foolproof! Keep in mind:

  • You still need to log in (authenticate) with your GU NetID and password after clicking Find full-text @ GU. If you are having difficulties logging in, you may want to change your password.
  • Full text is not guaranteed. We are constantly updating holdings in the catalog, and sometimes Google's inventory of the catalog gets out of sync. 
  • Using the Law or Medical Center links can lead to problems, especially if you aren't a Law or Med student or faculty member. These libraries have access to Law- and Med-specific resources, and you may be denied access even after logging in with your NetID.

Questions about Google Scholar?

Contact the Electronic Resources & Serials Unit -- we are happy to help.

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