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HoyaSearch Tutorial

This guide is designed to help you get the most out of using HoyaSearch.

What's In HoyaSearch?

HoyaSearch is Georgetown's primary tool for searching across many of our resources. You can use it to find physical and electronic books, films, journals, magazines, newspapers, articles, and more. In addition to many Georgetown resources, HoyaSearch also includes information about materials that you can request from the Consortium.

The Consortium is a partnership of 9 universities in the Washington, DC metro area that have agreed to share their collections with one another.

The graphic below gives a simple representation of what you can find inside HoyaSearch.

Visualization of HoyaSearch contents: Georgetown resources, Consortium resources, and articles.

In HoyaSearch you have the option to search several scopes, which help define what types of results you'll get.

Screenshot of search scopes in HoyaSearch

But what do each of these actually search?

  • GU + Consortium + Articles: Searches materials Georgetown owns, physical materials owned by the Consortium libraries, and articles from journals, magazines, and newspapers.
  • GU Only: Searches books, ebooks, films, and government documents available through Georgetown University Library.
  • Online Only: Searches online materials only, including ebooks, streaming films, and online articles.
  • Course Reserves: Searches only physical materials that have been placed on reserve for specific classes by their professors.

Is there anything HoyaSearch doesn't include?

The short answer is yes. HoyaSearch is not a comprehensive search tool, but is still an excellent starting place for your research. In particular, materials such as the University art collection, archives and manuscripts from the Booth Family Center for Special Collections, datasets, digital image resources, specialized databases, and some article content are not included in HoyaSearch. The Library recommends consulting the Research Guides to identify additional specialized resources in your area of interest.

What if I need help?

If you need assistance using HoyaSearch, please reach out to the library for help.

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