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View of Georgetown campus from the Virginia side of the Potomac

View of Georgetown campus from the Virginia side of the Potomac

Consumer Behavior : Tutorials

Mintel Tutorials

These tutorials outline how to use the market research database, Mintel. Specific topics that are addressed include how to access and refine results, how to locate market and consumer information, and how to find and manipulate data. 

Mintel User Guide

Statista Overview

A quick overview of the Statista Database. Please be aware that Georgetown libraries have an educational license for Statista so all functions and areas of research may not be available.

Quick Search Tips for Passport

Passport provides all aspects of market research not just consumer behavior information and statistics.  To access "consumer" specific trends and information, select the "Countries & Consumers" drop-down option and identify a target consumer from the list.  

Simmons Insights Tutorials

This video series outlines how to use Simmons Insights. Specifically, these videos will  explain how to 1) access Simmons Insights; 2) build and export crosstabs; 3) analyze crosstabs; and 4) create quick reports. 

MRI-Simmons User Guide

MRI-Simmons - Interpret the Data

Please also check out the Reading Cross Tabs guide by Chad Boeninger at Ohio University.

Note: The most significant data in the results is the index data. This data tells you the product, brand, or media usage compared to the average. The base number for comparison is 100.  A number above 100 is greater than average, and below 100 is less than average. 

  • < 80 less likely
  • >120 more likely

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