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WRIT 1150 (Lipscomb): Writing & Culture Seminar

Spring 2024

Tracing the Conversation

Resources for Accessing Full Text

When you are using non-library tools (e.g., Google Scholar and AI tools) to find sources, you may run into things that are behind paywalls. Here are a few tricks and tools for accessing the full text for free:

Option 1: To more easily connect to full text and requesting options like Interlibrary Loan, you can install the Lean Library browser plug-in to connect you to the library's resources when you're out on the web:

Option 2: When you find a citation, you can use HoyaSearch to see if we already have access to the source:

Option 3: If the first two options left you empty handed, then you can request it using Interlibrary Loan. All you have to do is submit a request and we'll get the source for you for free:

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