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Communication, Culture, and Technology

A guide to resources in communication, culture, and technology

Finding Articles: What type of information are you looking for?

Communication & Mass Media Complete

  • What you will find here: Journals in communication, mass media, and other closely-related fields.


  • What you will find here: Scholarly literature (including articles, book reviews, reports, book chapters, complete e-books, and more) in the social sciences and humanities.

Nexis Uni

  • What you will find here: National and international news from thousands of different sources, back to the 1970s. Nexis Uni also includes business and legal information, and is particularly helpful if you are looking for company information (look for the 'company dossier' section).


  • What you will find here: Similar to Nexis Uni, provides worldwide full-text news and business coverage. Limited to five concurrent users. 


  • What you will find here: Research in the social sciences and sciences, updated very frequently. This is a very wide-ranging and up-to-date databse.

Google Scholar

  • What you will find here: A wide-range of largely scholarly resources in different fields. Google Scholar is an excellent supplement to other, more targeted databases and search tools, to help ensure your search is comprehensive.

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