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Creating a Bibliography

  • Pick a citation style. Refworks comes with thousands of predefined citation styles, including:
    • APA (American Psychological Association)
    • Chicago (Chicago Manual of Style) and Turabian (based on Chicago)
    • MLA (Modern Language Association)
    • ...and thousands of other styles. You can even roll your own custom style, if you are so inclined. (See Creating Custom Citation Styles in the Refworks User Guide.)
  • Choose your references. You can create a blbliography of selected references (using the checkboxes), all references in a folder, or all references in your library.
  • Create Bibliography (quote icon) and choose your preferred citation style. Refworks will output your selected references in your chosen citation style for easy copy/pasting into another document.
  • Check the output. No reference program (including Refworks) gets everything 100% we encourage you to eyeball the bibliography and correct typos, duplicate references, or inaccurate metadata.

If you're working with Reference Citation Manager (RCM) in Microsoft Word or Refworks for Google Docs, you can also have these add-ons automatically create and update a bibliography at the end of your document.

For more information, read Copying References from Refworks to Your Document in the Refworks User Guide.

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