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Refworks Tags, Folders, and Projects

Is your list of references getting unwieldly? Organize your references with folders, tags, and projects!


Folders allow you to easily group references together -- e.g. for a particular writing assignment or class. After you've added references into Refworks, select them and choose Assign to Folder. You can assign to an existing folder or create a new folder with your selected references. For more information, see Organizing References by Folders in the Refworks User Guide.


Tags provide a way to categorize references. Select references and choose Add Tags. Refworks comes with many pre-defined tags, or you can create your own.


Projects allow you to maintain completely separate reference collections for each project. Projects work well when you don't plan to re-use references for another assignment. For more information, read Managing Projects in the Refworks User Guide.

Editing References and Removing Duplicates

Editing References

  • Edit a single reference by clicking on it. In the right (details) pane, click the pencil icon in top-right.
  • Change many references at once by going to Tools > Bulk Edit. You can add the same information (e.g. a tag) to references in a specific folder, or to all references in your library.

Removing Duplicate References

It's easy to import the same reference twice or three times or more! Thankfully, Refworks makes it easy to find duplicate references and remove them from your library (de-duping). Go to Tools > Find duplicates to start the process. For more information, see Removing Duplicate References in the Refworks User Guide.

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