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Asian History

How to search online catalog

A.    Romanization  » Japanese Romanization List

                 In our library system, we use different method of romanization, according to 

                 the rules of the American Library Association.


      1.   Long vowel: Do not input “ō”, “ô” or two vowels.

大田洋子 (おうたようこ)NOT  “Ohta Yohko” or “Oota Yooko”

                        USE    “Ota, Yoko”


2.      Double consonants: 

      ちゃん (ぼっちゃん)NOT  “Bocchan”

      USE  “Botchan”


     日中 (にっちゅう)NOT  “Nicchu”  

  USE  Nitchu


     学校 (がっこう) NOT  “Gako”

     USE  “Gakko”


B.     Spacing

                 In our library catalog, we separate nouns, particles, and verbs.


                     「日本語で生きるとは」”Nihongo de ikiru towa”

                     「日本人と第二次世界大戦」”Nihonjin to dainiji sekai taisen”

                     「ユニークな存在」”yuniku na sonzai”

     「新植民地主義」”shin shokuminchi shugi”


 *Try different spacing if you don’t hit any results at first.  Or try keyword search only with keywords combination.  Example : “Nihongo and ikiru” 

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