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Philonomosian Society

This guide highlights primary and secondary sources available in the Georgetown University Archives for research on the Philonomosian Society

Select List of Articles in GU Student Publication

  • “Philonomosian Feast.” Georgetown College Journal, June 1892, page 207
  • “Debating Society.” The Hoya, January 20, 1921, page 2: report of name change from the Philonomosian Society to the College Debating Society
  • “Debating Society Reestablished.” The Hoya, January 27, 1921, page 1
  • “Public Lecture Bureau Organized.” The Hoya, April 22, 1922, page 1 and 12
  • “Students Revive Debating Society.” The Hoya, October 23,1929, pages 1 and 13
  • “Philonomosian To Change Policy.” The Hoya, October 21, 1931, pages 1 and 15

Other digitized articles can be found by searching the University Publications section of the Georgetown University Archives Community in DigitalGeorgetown.  The Date Created facet in blue on the right side of the screen (scroll down to see it) can be used to limit searches to a particular time period. To search within any item in a list of search results: click on the title in blue, then click on the blue ViewOpen link at the top of the screen, then hold down the control and f keys on the keyboard at the same time, and enter a search term in the box which appears in the top right corner.

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