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Philonomosian Society

This guide highlights primary and secondary sources available in the Georgetown University Archives for research on the Philonomosian Society


1839, January 8


Society is organized. Its object, as set forth in its constitution, is to “cultivate and improve all those mental faculties which a benevolent Creator has bestowed upon his favorite creature, Man” and its motto is “Lex, Libertas Salusque Gentis" (Law, Liberty and the Well-Being of the Nation.) Membership is drawn from underclassmen and students in the Preparatory Division, in contrast to the Philodemic Society whose membership is limited to seniors




Becomes an exclusively Preparatory School organization




Re-established at GU. Changes its name to the College Debating Society. Adopts the rule of open forum allowing members to speak on any current topic




Begins a Lecture Bureau to provide speakers for external gatherings




Revived after a lapse of 2 years. Membership is restricted to juniors and seniors




Schedules debates with other colleges, moving away from the intra-mural model of contests




Last mention in Georgetown's yearbook as an active organization

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