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New York City: Connections with Georgetown University

This guide identifies people, places and events that connect New York City and Georgetown University

New York City Places with Connections to GU

  • Bill Clinton’s (F'1968) office in Harlem (55 West 125th Street)


  • Madison Square Garden

Site of the first televised college basketball game on February 28, 1940- a double header between Pittsburgh and Fordham, followed by NYU v. Georgetown 


  • Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, Queens

Site of the 1939-1940 World’s Fair. The Fair had “Georgetown Day” on September 11, 1939

  • New York Harbor

Almost 100 SFS students toured the harbor to inspect operations, May 12, 1928. The Mayor of New York welcomed them on the steps of City Hall


  • New York Public Library

Timothy S. Healy, S.J. served as President 1989-1992, after leaving the GU presidency


  • Shea Stadium in Flushing Meadows –Corona Park, Queens, New York (1964-2008)

Named for William A. Shea,  L’1931

  • Sites of early New York Alumni Association Events:

7th Regiment Armory (Park Avenue at 66th Street)

Annual smoker, November 21, 1962 (Tap Room)

Reception, January 30, 1967


Aldine Club (200 Fifth Avenue)

Victory dinner, April 29, 1919

Astor Hotel (west 45th Street)

Christmas Ball, December 27, 1951 (Astor Roof)

Biltmore Hotel

Alumni diner, October 23, 1936

Testimonial dinner to Leo V. Klauberg, January 19, 1938

Annual formal dinner, April 3, 1940

Annual formal dinner, February 18, 1941

Dinner in honor of GU President Lawrence C. Gorman, S.J., October 22, 1947

Centre Club (120 Central Park South)

Annual dinner, June 19, 1934

Gala Alumni Smoker and Football Rally, October 12, 1934

Annual dinner, June 18, 1935

Commodore Hotel (42nd Street and Lexington Avenue)

Law Center Alumni Luncheon, January 30, 1959

Law Center Alumni Luncheon, January 26, 1962

Law Center Alumni Luncheon, January 25, 1963

Law Center Alumni Luncheon, January 29, 1965

New York Metropolitan Clubs of Georgetown University and Holy Cross dance, March 18, 1966


Hampshire House (150 Central Park South)

Annual spring cocktail party, May 10, 1957 (Cottage Room)

Hotel Manhattan

Annual dinner, January 25, 1910


Hotel New Yorker

Christmas Dance, December 26, 1934

Hotel Pierre

Dinner dance, December 14, 1957 (Grand Ballroom)

Annual scholarship dance, December 13, 1958 (Grand Ballroom)

Annual scholarship dance, December 10, 1960 (Grand Ballroom)

Hotel Plaza (59th Street and Fifth Avenue)

Annual banquet, May 24, 1911

Hotel St. Regis (Fifth Avenue and 55th Street)

Banquet, February 3, 1912

Annual banquet, February 1, 1913

Annual Banquet, February 7, 1914

Annual banquet, April 15, 1931 (Egyptian Room)

Annual banquet, April 7, 1932

Annual scholarship dance, November 4, 1967 (St. Regis-Sheraton roof)

Annual scholarship dance, October 28, 1968 (St. Regis-Sheraton roof)


Hotel Roosevelt

Annual Christmas ball, December 27, 1954 (Palm Terrace Room)

Annual Thanksgiving dance, November 23, 1962 (Main Ballroom Suite)

Annual Thanksgiving dance, November 29, 1963 (Grand Ballroom)

Annual Christmas Dance, December 27, 1963 (Terrace Suite)

Annual Thanksgiving dance, November 27, 1964 (Grand Ballroom)

Annual Thanksgiving dance, November 24, 1967 (Grand Ballroom)

Hotel Savoy

First banquet of the New York Alumni Society of New York, March 1897

Second banquet, April 20, 1898

New York Athletic Club (180 Central Park South)

Georgetown Athletic Dinner, June 20, 1933

All-Sports Dinner, April 25, 1950

Reisenweber’s (58th and Eighth Avenue)

Alumni dinner, May 1, 1909

Ruppert’s Brewery ( 1639 3rd Avenue, between 91st and 92nd Sts.)

Beefsteak dinner honoring GU baseball coach Joe Judge, May 4, 1939

Event, November 24, 1954 (Tap Room)

Annual Smoker, November 23, 1955 (Tap Room)

Annual Alumni Smoker, November 21, 1956 (Tap Room)

Sheraton-East Hotel (Park Avenue at Fifty-First Street)

Scholarship Fund dinner dance, April 4, 1964


Sherry’s (5th Avenue and 44th Street)

Banquet, February 6, 1915

Annual Banquet, February 19, 1916


Statler Hilton Hotel (7th Avenue and 33rd Street)

Christmas dance featuring the British Walkers), December 22, 1965


Waldorf-Astoria Hotel

Performance of All the Comforts of Home by Georgetown’s Dramatic Association  March 31, 1910 (Astor Gallery)

Dinner honoring Georgetown’s Sons in the Services if=of the United States of America, February 17, 1942

John Carroll Dinner, April 29, 1954 (Jade and Basildon Suite)

Annual Thanksgiving dance, November 26, 1954 (Starlight Roof)

Annual Thanksgiving dance, November 25, 1955 (Starlight Roof)

Annual Thanksgiving dance, November 28, 1958

Annual scholarship dance, December 2, 1961 (Sert Room)

John Carroll Dinner, October 12, 1963 (Grand Ballroom)

Annual scholarship dance, December 12, 1964 (Sert Room)

Annual scholarship dance, December 11, 1965

Dance, November 25, 1966

Annual scholarship dance, December 6, 1969

Annual scholarship dance, December 5, 1970

John Carroll Awards Banquet, May 2, 1998

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