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New York City: Connections with Georgetown University

This guide identifies people, places and events that connect New York City and Georgetown University

Athletic Connections between GU and New York City

  • Blewett, Robert L.  L’1902

Pitched for the New York Giants

  • Blozis, Alfred C.  C’1941

While a student played on the football team and held multiple word records for the shot put.

After graduation, played football for the New York Giants

  • Ewing, Patrick Jr. C’1985

Played basketball for the New York Knicks 1985-2000

  • Hagerty, Jack (attended 1923-1926)

Georgetown Football Coach 1932-1948

Georgetown Athletic Director 1049-1969

Played football for the New York Giants


  • Lombardi, Vincent T. 

Born in Brooklyn

Died at the Georgetown University Hospital in 1970

Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center is named for him

Coach of the Green Bay Packers and the then Washington Redskins

  • Ripley, Elmer H.

Born on Staten Island

Georgetown’s Men’s Basketball Coach 1927-1929, 1938-1943, 1946-1949

Member of the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame

  • Shea, William A.  L’1931

Born in Manhattan

Lawyer and Owner of the New York Mets. The Shea Stadium in Flushing Meadows –Corona Park, Queens, New York (1964-2008) was named for him


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