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Community Scholars Program 2020

Template instruction materials for WRIT 012, Fall 2020.

How to Find a Journal, Magazine, or Newspaper

stack of newspapersSearch Journal Finder to find specific journals, magazines, or newspapers.


Major Newspapers

Links to the Library's subscriptions.

Major News Aggregators

Browse News in Factiva

Read the New York Times, Washington Post, or Wall Street Journal without a personal subscription using Factiva's "News Pages" feature.

Click on "News Pages."

screen shot showing red arrow pointing at News Pages

Next, select United States, Top World News, or other groupings.

screen shot of red arrow pointing at United States, Academic, one example of a news grouping

Select your newspaper on the right side of the screen. Select date and newspaper section.

screen shot of two red arrows, one pointing at a selected date, the second pointing at a drop-down menu of the newspaper section

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