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WRIT 1150 (Danylevich): Writing & Culture Seminar

Spring 2024

5 Tips for Searching Google Effectively

Google's Advanced Search screen provides a number of ways to limit and refine your search. You can also use the following advanced search techniques in the basic Google search:

  1. Use quotation marks to get exact wording: "health inequities"
  2. Use a minus sign or hyphen to omit words from your search: vaccines -influenza
  3. Use OR to add options: healthcare OR medical care
  4. Use site: to limit to specific domains: health inequities site:
  5. Use site: plus a country code to search by geographic area: refugee site: FR

Social Media Search Tools

Platform-Specific Searching

Search Engines

Many social media platforms have internal search engines that all users to search for users, hashtag, keywords, and the like. In addition, there are some social media search tools that should help you identify relevant content.

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