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Research Methods at SCS

Basic Search Strategies for Research Using Library Databases

Combining Keywords with Boolean Operators

This tutorial introduces Boolean Operators and explains how they can be used and combined to search library databases effectively.

Using HoyaSearch for Research

Watch this tutorial to learn how to use HoyaSearch, a GU Libraries' federated search engine, to retrieve books and articles focused on a given topic and order research resources that are not available immediately through the School of Continuing Studies' Library.   

Finding Journals, Magazines, and Newspapers in HoyaSearch 

Watch this tutorial to learn how to access a specific journal, magazine, or newspaper by using HoyaSearch.

Basic Search Strategies for Google Scholar

Google Scholar Basics

Learn how to connect Google Scholar results to your Georgetown library account while understanding the basic advantages and limitations of using Google Scholar for research.

Evaluating Sources

Evaluating Scholarly Sources 

This tutorial teaches how to evaluate scholarly articles based on relevance, evidence, currency, authority, and purpose. Please also see Part 2 on popular sources.


Evaluating Popular Sources

This tutorial teaches how to evaluate popular sources such as websites based on relevance, evidence, currency, authority, and purpose. Please also see Part 1 on scholarly sources.

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