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Editing Tips

START EARLY: Don't wait to edit your footage until you've shot everything. Start importing and editing your footage on a computer as soon as you have some. Continue to edit throughout the process. Never leave all of your editing until the last day.

SAVE: Save often! If you have your own external harddrive, save all of your media and your edited work-in-progress on that. This will allow you to work on any computer and not be tied down. If possible, also back up your project on another drive.

CUT, CUT, CUT: Editing movies can be a heartbreaking process. You are attached to your footage and want to include as much of it as you can. Unfortunately, your audience has a short attention span. Cut everything that is not relevant and does not propel your story forward.

KEEP IT SIMPLE: Use effects, animations, and titles sparingly. Remember, substance always trumps style! Focus on telling your story in a clear and compelling way.

FEEDBACK: Before you turn your final project in, show it to someone that you trust for feedback. A fresh set of eyes can provide valuable information.

CREDITS: Don't forget to include a title and end credits. Credit everyone who helped you make the film and credit the source of any media (audio/video/stills) contained in your movie that you did not create.

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