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Economic Data

A guide to resources for economic data.

Search Strategies

  1. Define your topic or research question.
    • Be specific.
  2. Determine your unit of analysis.
    • Consider who or what you want to study, as well as when and where.
  3. Search strategies to identify a data set:
    • Literature search: search a database relevant to your subject area for articles that have conducted related analysis and identify the datasets they used.
    • Going straight to a likely source: check to see if there is a particular organization or government agency that collects the type of data that you need. Try searching their website or publications.
    • Data archive search: Try searching through a large data archive, such as ICPSR.

Data Services Help

Librarians can help with finding data and analysis!

  • Research Consultations: Individual and group consultations are available by request.  Please request a research consultation to schedule an appointment with a librarian.  
  • Instructional Support: Librarians can provide in-class instructional sessions or course-specific research guides on data resources. Please submit an instruction request for in-class instruction.  

Books on Software

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