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1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic at Georgetown University

This guide highlights primary and secondary sources available in the Georgetown University Archives for research on the impact of the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic on Georgetown University.

Mentions of the Flu Pandemic in the 1919 GU Yearbook

A digitized version of the 1919 Georgetown University yearbook can be accessed here. It contains the following references to the flu pandemic:

  • Page 94 of the PDF: Memorial Tribute to Law School student Thomas B.  Kelley who died in Georgetown University Hospital on October 5, 1918

  • Page 100 of the PDF: Law School Senior Class history

  • Page 133 of the PDF: Law School Junior Class history

  • Page 134 of the PDF: Law School Freshman Class history (note the drawings at the top of the page)

  • Page 149 of the PDF: Carroll Law Club

  • Page 151 of the PDF: Sphinx Club

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