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Dahlgren Chapel

This guide highlights primary and secondary sources available in the Georgetown University Archives for research on Dahlgren Chapel.

"Monk of Dahlgren" Carving


Black and white photograph of carved monk on Dahlgren Chapel

Undated photograph of the "Monk of Dahlgren."

A carving of a reading monk, known as the Monk of Dahlgren, is found on the exterior of the north transept of the Chapel. It is the work of stone carver James Farrington Early who was employed in the construction of the Chapel.  Information on its history can be found in the following sources; request them for use in the Booth Family Center via the Aeon request system.


Secondary Sources


  • Archives Reference File on the Monk

University Archives staff maintain reference files on a variety of subjects related to Georgetown University history, including on the Monk carving. These files contain photocopies of newspaper and magazine articles, brochures, and other documents found in the University Archives collection. They are intended to provide a starting point for research rather than to offer exhaustive coverage of any subject but they can often provide the answers to basic informational questions. 

  • Cron, Frederick W. The Man who Made Concrete Beautiful: A Biography of John Joseph Earley. Centennial Publications : Ft. Collins, Colorado, 1977

This 63 page pamphlet about James F. Earley’s son includes a section on the Monk (see page 5.) 

  • Serials: "Facilities Focus",  GTA000054

September/October 1989  issue includes an article on the Monk carving


Primary Sources


  • Old Archives: Buildings , GTA000321

Box 1: 206-1, 1891-1893. Includes material re James F. Early and "Monk of Dahlgren" carving.

  • Old Archives: Library, GTA000098

Box 1, folder 39. Repetti, Williams C., S.J., 1951-1953, and no date. Includes references to the carved monk on north side of Dahlgren




  • University Archives Photographic Collection. GTA.000109

Monk of Dahlgren folder

  • University Photographer’s Files, GTA.GAMMS305

Box 7, folder 76. Campus Scenes, 1982. Includes negatives and contact sheets with shots of the carved stone monk on Dahlgren Chapel


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