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Research After Graduation: Tips, Tricks, and Tools for your Post-Georgetown Life

About This Guide

Georgetown offers you so many great resources to help you with your research. And you have spent anywhere from two to ten years honing your research skills to use them all. But what happens when you graduate? 

This guide pulls together some suggestions for searching the open web better and leveraging those skills to find freely available resources and tools. It was designed to accompany a joint Common$ense and library workshop on Research After Graduation. 

A few notes to get started:

  1. Links will periodically go out of date. If you notice a broken or out-of-date link, e-mail the librarian listed on this page. 
  2. This guide can not and does not try to be all-inclusive. 
  3. When downloading tools, apps, or add-ons you need to BE SMART. That means:
  • Know who created and published the software 
  • Find out their business model. Do they make money? Do they need to? How do they plan to make money in the future? 
  • Seek out reviews from users and user communities you trust. 
  1. Make sure to check out the first page "Understanding Free and Open" to learn more about the environment of using open and free tools and resources. This includes definitions of open access, open source, and other terms you might encounter. 

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