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European Data & Document Sources

How to use this Guide

While the General Sources page will get you links to resources that span Europe, the West and East European Studies pages by country are lists of specific links from official entities in country.

For each country you will find:

  • The top level country domain. This can be helpful in searching all of the webpages in a specific country's domain. Use "site:" before the domain in Google (for example for Russian websites and for German).
  • Open data, official statistical agencies, and bank statistics from the country.
  • Open legislative, executive, and judicial documents and some historical documents.
  • Links to archives, archival portals, digital libraries, and national libraries in each country. Searching national library catalogs can be a good way to find books that are not widely held in the United States.

Links will periodically go out of date, as they are changed. Please contact the guide administrator to let them know if you discover a broken link or otherwise run into an inaccuracy.

Finding Data & Documents

You can find many of the sources listed here, and others, on your own through a search engine. Follow some of these tips to find more sources:

  • Search in the language if you can. While the webpage may be available in English, there is almost always more information in the original language. 
  • In Google, search the country-level domain using "site:". For example, to search the Russian internet you would search ""
  • Search using Yandex or a popular search engine from the country. 
  • In Google, search for PDFs or CSV files containing reports, documents, and data or other files using "filetype:". For example, to search for PDFs on the Russian government site you would search: " filetype:pdf" 

Explore multi-country or international resources on this page or use the "Sources by Country" page to look for open data, government data, and government & legislative resources in a specific country. Periodically links will go out of date, please inform the librarian associated with this page if you encounter a dead link.

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