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WRIT 1150 (Tomlinson): Writing & Culture Seminar

Spring 2024

Evaluating Sources

Criteria Questions to Ask
Questions to ask when evaluating sources.
Agenda What was the author’s purpose? Does he or she have a particular bias?
Credentials Who is the author? Does he or she have expertise or certain qualifications?
Citations Does the author cite the work of others? What types of sources are cited?
Oversight Does someone have to approve the publication? Was the information reviewed or refereed prior to publication?
Relevance Does the source fit your needs? Does it meet the requirements of your assignment?
Date How recent is the source? Has it been updated?
Pro Tip: It’s a good idea to find additional sources that verify the information you found on a website to make sure that the information provided is true and accurate.


Evaluating Sources, Part 1: Scholarly Sources

Evaluating Sources, Part 2: Popular Sources

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