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Digital Projects

Why Digital Projects?

Assigning digital projects in lieu of, or in addition to, traditional pen-and-paper assignments, provides students with the opportunity to individualize their learning, work in non-traditional formats, become responsible digital citizens, and develop valuable digital literacies that include:

  • Computer Literacy: The ability to understand and use computers and computer systems
  • Information Literacy: The ability to access, understand, evaluate, and use digitally-acquired information
  • Multimedia Literacy: The ability to create new works using digital resources (texts, images, audio, video)
  • Visual Literacy: The ability to understand visual representations and communicate effectively through images and designs
  • Interactive Literacy: The ability to communicate through various forms (voice, video, text) in online environments  

Get Help

The Library provides one-on-one help for faculty planning a digital assignment and for students completing a digital assignment.

For help with multimedia  and digital scholarship assignments:

Schedule a Multimedia Consultation or email at 

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