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Digital Preservation

How can we (Digital Scholarship) help you?

The Digital Scholarship Services unit stores all resources that have been published on DigitalGeorgetown, the digital repository, in a digital preservation repository, managed by the Academic Preservation Trust Consortium (APTrust).

APTrust utilizes Amazon Web Services to store digital resources in multiple physical and cloud environments to ensure that at least one copy of every resource is saved, even if there is a server failure. Checksums, which can be thought of as the fingerprint of a digital resource are ingested and monitored to ensure that resources have remained unaltered. In these ways we meet some of the best practices as outlined on this chart:

(Levels of Digital Preservation Version 2.0 Matrix. National Digital Stewardship Alliance)

Do you have material that may not fit the requirements of DigitalGeorgetown, but which have sustaining value to the story of Georgetown University, or the Hoya Community? Please contact us for a consultation, we may be able to store material with APTrust, and/or can offer professional tips on how to ensure your digital records remain accessible for years to come:

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