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STRT 283: Strategic Management

Professor: Kenneth Sawka

About Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI)

Improperly using generative AI tools (such as Chat GPT):

1) without disclosing such utilization,

2) providing documentation of prompts and instructions used, and

3) verifying and validating the accuracy of AI tool output,

is an act of academic dishonesty.

Electronic Tools

Writing help

Basic Google searching

Here are a few essential tips for improving your everyday searches:

  • Simplicity is key. Shorter, more focused queries will often give better results than longer ones with complex operators.
  • Every word matters. Only include words that you really hope to see in the results.
  • Search within the page that you're viewing: press Control+F, or Command+F on a Mac, and a search box will appear in your browser window. Type in the word you’re looking for and it will be highlighted on the page.

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