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INAF 180: Science for All

Scholarly vs Popular

What is a Scholarly Article?
  • Written by researchers or scholars, considered experts
    • Contains original research and analysis 
  • Written for other experts 
  • Goal is to add new knowledge and communicate ideas
    • Uses discipline specific or technical language 
  • Contains a bibliography 
    • Almost always has an abstract, methods section, and/or literature review
  • May be peer-reviewed
Scholarly vs Popular
  • Scholarly:
    • original research, written by researchers, substantial bibliography 
  • Popular:
    • based on original research, written by magazine staff, no bibliography 
  • Grey or trade:
    • industry specific, written by practitioners, may have  footnotes or bibliography 
  • All three have a purpose to readers!

Publication Cycle

publication cycle infograph, creation, evaluation, publications, dissemination, preservation, and reuse

Peer Review

Peer review process diagram

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