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WRIT 1150 (Seifert): Writing & Culture Seminar

Fall 2023

Literature Liaison & Reference Librarian

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Melissa Jones
Research Consultations are available in person and via Zoom. Click Schedule Appointment to reserve a time. Email me if you need an alternate time.

Finding Books

Finding Articles

General Databases: These are interdisciplinary and contain both scholarly and popular sources. 

Subject-Specific Databases: These are specific to particular academic disciplines and reflect the scholarship and interests of those disciplines.

5 Tips for Searching Google Effectively

Google's Advanced Search screen provides a number of ways to limit and refine your search. You can also use the following advanced search techniques in the basic Google search:

  1. Use quotation marks to get exact wording: "health inequities"
  2. Use a minus sign or hyphen to omit words from your search: vaccines -influenza
  3. Use OR to add options: healthcare OR medical care
  4. Use site: to limit to specific domains: health inequities site:
  5. Use site: plus a country code to search by geographic area: refugee site: FR

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