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View of Georgetown campus from the Virginia side of the Potomac

View of Georgetown campus from the Virginia side of the Potomac

Temporary Access to Electronic Resources During Instructional Continuity

A guide to temporary access provided by Georgetown University Library and select publishers during the COVID-19 epidemic and instructional continuity.


During the current period of instructional continuity during the global COVID-19 epidemic, many publishers and providers are offering temporary or enhanced access to online resources.

Due to the fluidity of the current information environment and the different ways in which providers are offering enhanced access, please note that many of the resources below will not appear in HoyaSearch, A-Z Databases list, or Research & Course Guides. Please consult these sources for access to our regular, extensive collection of remotely accessible online resources.

This page is being continuously updated. To submit additional offers for review, please email

Access Notes:

  • While these resources have been reviewed by the Georgetown University Library, access is subject to the policies and expiration dates set by individual providers.
  • Access to some resources may require specific links or the creation of individual user accounts. Please refer to the publishers' announcements, the descriptions, and the links posted below for more information.
  • Visit the Library's Off-Campus Access page for detailed information about how to access library electronic resources remotely.
  • Visit the Library's COVID-19 FAQs for more details about using Library services during the epidemic.

Library Resources

Berliner Philharmoniker

The Berliner Philharmoniker has opened up free access to their Digital Concert Hall, a platform for historic concerts. Users must register for a free account using the coupon code BERLINPHIL. Access lasts for 30 days after registration and does not require cancellation.

  • Publisher Announcement: available from the Berliner Philharmoniker website
  • What's Accessible?: all Berliner Philharmoniker Digital Concert Hall content
  • How Long?: free access lasts for 30 days, account originally needed to be created by March 30, 2020, but this appears to have been extended.
  • Added to HoyaSearch?: No
  • Added to A-Z Databases?: No
  • How to Access?: register for a Digital Concert Hall account with the coupon code BERLINPHIL


East View Information Services Resources 

East View Information Services, an industry leader in providing English and foreign language information products and services, has generously made available many of their Russian language ebooks, journals, and newspapers. Though we already subscribe to many East View collections, the temporarily opened collections include: Pravda, Rossiikaia gazeta, Novaia gazeta, the Current Digest of the Russian Press, and the Essential Russian Classics ebook collection. Additionally, East View has opened the publication: The Current Digest of the Chinese Press. 


JSTOR Extended Access (Journals and Primary Sources)

JSTOR has generously opened up many of their Journals and Primary Source collections. While much of the open content overlaps with our licensed entitlements, there is still a large amount of newly available material available to our users. 

In particular, access to many of the primary source collections (World Heritage Sites: Africa, Struggles for Freedom: Southern Africa, and Global Plants) are now available. 

  • Publisher Announcement: available from the JSTOR website
  • What's Accessible: Archive Journal Collections, Thematic Collections, and Primary Source Collections 
  • How Long?: through December 31, 2020
  • Added to HoyaSearch?: No
  • Added to A-Z Databases?: Yes
  • How to Access?: direct link


Moazine, Korean Magazine Database 

As the largest provider of electronic magazine titles based in Korea, Moazine provides access to over 200 individual magazines covering over 20,000 issues (recent and archived) and over 668,000 articles. Magazines in the collection cut across a wide variety of academic disciplines and include Korean-language analogs of many popular U.S. titles, such as: Fortune (Korea), Vogue, Popular Science, and more.

  • Publisher Announcement: n/a direct from publisher
  • What's Accessible: 200+ individual magazines comprising over 20,000 issues
  • How Long?: through August 31, 2020
  • Added to HoyaSearch?: No
  • Added to A-Z Databases?: Yes
  • How to Access?: direct link

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