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View of Georgetown campus from the Virginia side of the Potomac

View of Georgetown campus from the Virginia side of the Potomac

Online Meetings: Home

Online Meetings at Georgetown

There are dozens of online meeting and collaboration tools available today. This guide contains information on several popular tools that are supported by the staff at Gelardin New Media Center. There are links to tutorial materials for each of the tools. If you need further help, click here to schedule a consultation with one of the Gelardin staff members.

Use Any Space

As long as you have a computer and an internet connection, you can have an online meeting.

Just check out a webcam from Gelardin, plug it in to your computer's USB port, and get started. If your laptop has a built-in camera, it should activate automatically when you are participating in a video call.

Library Spaces

There are several locations in the library that have webcams installed that are ready to use for online meetings.

Please refer to the individual pages below to see more details about each of these spaces.






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