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View of Georgetown campus from the Virginia side of the Potomac

View of Georgetown campus from the Virginia side of the Potomac

MARK 261-01: International Business: Home & Research Project

Professor Micheal Czinkota

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Research Project

Students will also carry out an international business research project.  The project will be conducted in a group format.  The work will include the following components:
1.      The project will focus on the new market entry activities of a firm (i.e. an entry within the last four years).  New market entry refers either to a firm entering a new country, or a firm offering a new product or service in a non-domestic market in which it already is
active.  Market entry can consist of a variety of activities such as exporting, licensing, franchising, or foreign direct investment. In order to keep the research and subsequent presentations interesting, you must select among the following corporate (product) and geographic choices:
Type of Firm: Industrial, Consumer, Service 
Geographic: Japan, China, other Asia, “Western” Europe, Central Europe, Mexico, Middle East, Australia, Russia, Africa, Latin America, and U.S.

Each corporate/geographic combination can only be chosen once. herefore, the sooner you select, the more likely it is that you will get the topic of your first choice.  However, you should first
investigate the information available for the firm and product you would like to work on before you enter your official choice since changing your mind afterwards will lead to a one grade step penalty.  Your choice must be completed at the latest by Feb 10th Delays will result in a one grade step reduction per day. Since all choices must be approved by the instructor, you may wish to schedule a meeting to narrow down your options.
2.      As part of your research and presentation, your group is expected to address the following issues:
i.   a brief overview of the product/firm
ii.  the activity of your firm
iii. the type of international entry (e.g. export, license, invest)
iv. the rationale for the market entry choice
v.  an explanation of the preparatory steps undertaken by the firm
vi. a discussion of the problems, opportunities and competition encountered evaluation of the market entry effort.
Much of the information necessary for this project can be gleaned from secondary sources.  However, it may be helpful if you also contact the firm in question directly for an interview.  That is why the choice of firm is quite important.
3.      The projects will be presented in class, April 7-14. Each group will make a 15-minute presentation summarizing its work (specific presentation times to be announced in class.) Presentations will be evaluated based on lucidity and professionalism.
5.      Each group will write up its project in a paper due on April 7 before Noon.  Each day of delay will result in one grade step reduction. The paper is to be no longer than 10 pages, typed, printed double-spaced, and should be professional in terms of presentation. For grammar or citation styles, please check with style guides such as Turabian. Please use endnotes for referencing. Make sure you use
headings and subheads and that your pages are numbered. Appendices which contain all supporting tables, charts, figures, maps and references are not part of the 10 page limit. The time of the class session that day will also be set aside for the opportunity to practice the presentation within each group.

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