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View of Georgetown campus from the Virginia side of the Potomac

View of Georgetown campus from the Virginia side of the Potomac

MARK 235: Social & Digital Media Marketing: Home

Prof Jimmy Lynn and Prof Marty Conway

Practical Social Media

Course Assginment

Case Studies (20%)

There will be two (2) case studies discussed and analyzed for this course.

This case assignment should be sent in a Word document of approximately 2-3 pages.  The format for the written case memo is:


To:       Use correct titles



RE:       Identify subject clearly (specific and concise)


  • State issues addressed, and develop an appropriate thesis for the case

Body / Analysis

  • Create topics sentence(s) for each paragraph
  • Highlight relevant facts / data
  • Develop a gap analysis, if required or requested
  • Apply analysis
  • State and explain assumptions
  • Cross-reference to charts / exhibits / attachments

Conclusions / Recommendations

  • Develop a conclusion based on resources research
  • Identify additional issues and actions that arise
  • Make a recommendation if required/requested

Case Study – Memo Hints / Suggestions

  • Purpose – an internal document to solve a problem
  • Primary goal – identify relevant business issue(s) and provide a recommendation to attack or solve issue(s)
  • Secondary goal – showcase your own knowledge and relevance

Writing tips --

  • Assume the reader is more busy than you are
  • Clarity, clarity, clarity (Format, Prose, Style)
  • Brevity (short sentence, common words)
  • Use the active voice and make firm bottom-line recommendations
  • State the most important facts and conclusions first
  • Exhibits / Charts only when needed (important computation, summary of conclusion, comparative chart, outline of key facts)
  • Clear and relevant cross-reference in exhibits
  • Proofread

Final Project (35%)

Group Project: 4 - 5 students per group

Students will be organized into groups early in the term of the course, and as a result of that grouping, will complete the final project in their group. The instructors will work with students to select an appropriate brand/organization for the project. The final team project will be one in which students will work with an organization (selected/approved from a list provided by the instructors) to evaluate their existing digital and social media plan and develop a new elements, new ideas and extensions for the organizations social and digital output.  The new plan may include elements of the existing digital and social media plan, and it also may include new tools or platforms or new ways of using the existing tools and platforms. 

The final project assignment will be built to scaffold through the course. Students must have their selection approved (week 3) and provide an outline of their plan (week 6) before presenting. Students can meet with the instructors to gain insights and evaluation before committing to the final plan.

The format for the project will follow the format of the class:

  • Identify the strategic goals of the brand/organization you are working with and articulate to what extent social & digital media drive those goals and/or objectives.
  • Audit the brand/organization’s social & digital media tools and platform. Include usage, performance metrics, etc.
  • Articulate objective(s) (increase sales, etc.) which are directly connected to social & digital media programs and platforms.
  • Create a ‘new plan’ which would be a 6-10-week program that would use the existing, or recommend new, tools and platforms. Include an outline (and list examples) of the ‘new’ social and digital media plan. This may include both digital and social media (search, paid search, paid social, organic social, etc…).
  • Identify the goals/objectives for the new plan, and include metrics to assess the overall performance, during and after the program concludes.
  • Include a rubric for how the new plan will be assessed.
  • Include an outline of a budget for the new plan.

The final deliverable will be a 20-minute presentation on date designated for the final exam (tbd) and a paper of approximately 8-10 pages that describes the above elements of the project. A document with the details of the presentation and paper will be posted on Blackboard before the end of the course. In addition, more details for this Final Team Project will be discussed in class.

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