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View of Georgetown campus from the Virginia side of the Potomac

View of Georgetown campus from the Virginia side of the Potomac

MARK 233: Sports Marketing Strategy: Home

Research Assignments

Assignment: (The Global Athlete and Brands) (15%)

Today in sports, most sport properties, products and brands are global in nature. So to, are the athletes that compete. As a result, organizations must think about a global audience when marketing their products and services. In this assignment, students will be provided with a pre-determined case in marketing and brand development for an organizational that sees sports marketing as an opportunity to expand its products and services to a wider audience. Students will prepare a response/presentation that will be submitted to the instructors. Details will be provided during the course.

Case Study – Memo Example



To:       Use correct titles



RE:       Identify subject clearly (specific and concise)


  • State issues addressed and introduce conclusion

Body / Analysis

  • Highlight relevant facts / data
  • Apply analysis
  • State and explain assumptions
  • Cross-reference to charts / exhibits / attachments

Conclusions / Recommendations

  • Take a point of view and make a recommendation
  • Identify additional issues and actions that arise


Case Study – Memo Hints / Suggestions

  • Purpose – an internal document to solve a problem
  • Primary goal – identify relevant business issue(s) and provide a recommendation to attack or solve issue(s)
  • Secondary goal – showcase your own knowledge and relevance

Writing tips --

  • Assume the reader is more busy than you are
  • Clarity, clarity, clarity (Format, Prose, Style)
  • Brevity (short sentence, common words)
  • Use the active voice and make firm bottom-line recommendations
  • State the most important facts and conclusions first
  • Exhibits / Charts only when needed (important computation, summary of conclusion, comparative chart, outline of key facts)
  • Clear and relevant cross-reference in exhibits
  • Proofread

Final Project (30%)

Under Armour – Social Media Strategy (Sample project – subject may change)

Group Project: 4 - 5 students per group

Final Team Project:  this project will be a group assignment.  The Final Project will be developing a Social Media strategic plan for Under Armour, which will include a detailed look at their primary competitors as well as brands that excel in Social Media.  The groups will prepare a written Executive Summary and present it to Under Armour executives.

More details for this Final Team Project will be discussed in class.

Rough Draft due tbd.

Final Presentations to Under Armour executives – tbd.

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