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View of Georgetown campus from the Virginia side of the Potomac

View of Georgetown campus from the Virginia side of the Potomac

Islamic Bioethics (IMSE Project)

The Islamic Medical and Scientific Ethics (IMSE) Project is a collaborative effort of Georgetown Libraries to produce a comprehensive collection of resources pertaining to Islamic perspectives in the broad field of bioethics.

IMSE - Basic Search

Search the Islamic Medical & Scientific Ethics database to find more than 4,000 books, book chapters, and journal articles about Islamic bioethics. Searching is free, and updates occur daily. More than 40% of the records have links to full text. Other materials are housed in the contributing libraries.

To do a Basic Search, enter a single word or a phrase into the Search Query Box, e.g. in vitro fertilzation Leave the pull-down menu on the default "Keyword (anywhere)".

To search for an author, select "author" from the pull-down menu and enter the name in the search box, e.g. Inhorn

To search for items from or about a country, just enter the country name with a * after it (e.g. egypt* ) to find: Egypt, Egyptian, Egypt's,  etc., e.g. Egypt* (Leave the pull-down menu on the default "Keyword (anywhere)".)

You may also want to search for an organization as "Keyword (anywhere)", e.g. Islamic Organization for Medical Sciences

Classification and Classification (pri) (i.e., primary) relate to the Bioethics Research Library Classification Scheme. If a category from that Scheme is exactly what interests you, you need only to search for the number, e.g. 18.3 (select: Classification from the pull-down menu) will retrieve citations on consent to human experimentation. Alternatively, 18.3 (select: Classification (pri) from the pull-down menu) will retrieve citations to documents where consent to human experimentation is the single most important topic in the document.

Even greater search specificity is offered through Subject Heading searching from the Bioethics Thesaurus. The Thesaurus is a controlled vocabulary used for tagging the documents; it contains more than 1100 Subject Headings, compared with the 100-or so from the Classification Scheme. Select "Subject Heading" from the pull-down menu and insert a topic from the Thesaurus, e.g. milk banks. The result is how many documents are retrieved wherein milk banks is a topic or wherein milk banks is a primary topic. You may want to check the box next to: milk banks (pri) to look first at those documents, which will be the more relevant ones.

See additional information about the Bioethics Thesaurus under the Tools for Searching tab.


There are four options for Advanced Search at the top right of the Basic search page: Advanced Search, Subject Heading, Classification, and Place of Publication.

Select "Subject Heading" and click on the right arrow to bring up the customized Subject (Heading) search form. Enter a term from the Bioethics Thesaurus. For example, enter: fiqh and you will retrieve all subject headings that begin with that term, with the number of documents for each. Note that "fiqh" as a primary subject heading is also listed: "fiqh [pri]. Alternatively, if you know you want only to retrieve "fiqh" as a primary Subject Heading, simply enter fiqh [pri] and you will directly retrieve items with fiqh as a primary topic.

Select "Classification" to bring up a form for classification number searching. Note that this form supports only searching a number as either primary or secondary, e.g. searching 17.2 for Psychotherapy retrieves all items on psychotherapy, whether a primary or secondary topic.

Select Place of Publication by entering a country (to see all entries from that country); the order of display is: country, city (and state, if in the United States).

Select the Advanced Search form to combine terms (with And, And Not, Or) and/or to apply limits, such as: document type, secondary document type, subject caption (describing the approach used or the nature of the document), language, holding library, year of publication, publisher and sorting preference. For example, to find Farhat Moazam's writings on organ transplantation, one could search: Moazam as an author AND organ* as Subject Heading (the asterisk will gather all Subject Headings beginning with organ: organ donation, organ donors, and organ procurement.


   Question: what has Farhat Moazam written about any aspect of organ donation or transplantation?

   Step 1: On the Subject Heading search form, search: organ to retrieve all Subject Headings beginning with that word.

   Step 2: Click on the resulting sets relevant to your search and select: Save Marked Records

   Step 3: Limit/Sort the set (an option at the bottom of the screen) and then, under "Enter limits" select from the pull-down menu: Words in Author, enter:  Moazam, then select: Submit to retrieve your results.

See additional search tips on the Tools for Searching tab in this Resource Guide and also on the search page itself.

(Please note that some features are not yet fully implemented, e.g. sorting by year of publication.)

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