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View of Georgetown campus from the Virginia side of the Potomac

View of Georgetown campus from the Virginia side of the Potomac

Islamic Bioethics (IMSE Project)

The Islamic Medical and Scientific Ethics (IMSE) Project is a collaborative effort of Georgetown Libraries to produce a comprehensive collection of resources pertaining to Islamic perspectives in the broad field of bioethics.

The Islamic Bioethics Project Team

 Islamic Bioethics Project team members are located on two Georgetown University campuses --  Qatar and Washington DC.​

Ayman Shabana
Islamic Bioethics Project Director
Chief Editor, Encyclopedia of Islamic Bioethics 
Associate Research Professor
School of Foreign Service 
Doha, Qatar
Robert Laws
Website Developer and Technical Support
Librarian, Georgetown University
School of Foreign Service 
Doha, Qatar
Mona El Said
Research Assistant and Translator
Islamic Bioethics Project, Arabic Resources Curator
School of Foreign Service 
Doha, Qatar
Roxie France-Nuriddin
Reference and Program Specialist
Collection Curator (English), Islamic Medical Scientific Ethics
Kennedy Institute of Ethics
Bioethics Research Library
Washington, DC

Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF)

The three main initiatives of the project have been supported by grants from the National Priorities Research Program (NPRP) of Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF).

  • Islamic Medical and Scientific Ethics (IMSE) 2009-2012 (NPRP No. : 08-783-6-017)
  • Encyclopedia of Islamic Bioethics (EIB) 2012-2015 (NPRP No.: 5-1390-6-043)
  • Structure of the Nuclear Family in the Wake of Genetic and Reproductive Technologies (FGRT) 2016-2019 (NPRP No.: 8-1478-6-053)

The project also received two grants from QNRF’s Conference and Workshop Sponsorship Program to support the two conferences that the project organized in 2012 and 2014.


Kennedy Institute of Ethics

KIE Logo




The Kennedy Institute of Ethics is one of the world's premier bioethics institutes. Founded at Georgetown University in 1971, its faculty includes founders of the field as well as next-generation leaders. With a top-ranked graduate program, the world's most comprehensive bioethics library,  and faculty expertise on issues such as health care reform, death and dying, clinical research ethics, abortion, and environmental ethics, the Institute is a renowned resource for the University, the policy world, and the global bioethics community.

The Institute's outstanding faculty, renowned library resources, and notable publications, including the KIE Journal, mark the Kennedy Institute as an unparalleled academic resource, both for the University's teaching mission, but also as a scholar's home for original research and training at all academic levels. The Kennedy Institute of Ethics is committed to a civil dialogue on the pressing questions of the day in a climate of intellectual openness and lively discourse.

IMSE & BRL Testimonials

"Your project could make scholarship in this area much easier than it now is, facilitate greater precision in retrieving literature, and making the collection available online, at no cost, is a special advantage to educators, students, and laypersons alike." - Abdulaziz Sachedina, PhD, Francis Myers Ball Professor of Religious Studies, University of Virginia

"The BRL is a treasure for bioethics and an indispensable tool for the development of moral philosophy as it applies to medicine." - Jean-Paul Rwabihama, MD, MSc, MMed, Lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine, National University of Rwanda

The BRL "is truly an extraordinary resource." - Gladys B. White, PhD, Adjunct Professor of Liberal Studies, Georgetown University

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