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View of Georgetown campus from the Virginia side of the Potomac

View of Georgetown campus from the Virginia side of the Potomac

Maps at Georgetown University

About this page

Maps listed on this page have been identified as created in the 19th Century. The maps are arranged according to date in ascending order, then by title. Since most of the maps in this collection are uncataloged, there may be maps from this time period in the collection that have not yet been identified and included with this time period.

Maps Created in the 19th Century

  • Grundrifs von Washington [Floor plan of Washington] Location: Menke-Small96 Washington DC 1800?
  • Neue Charte von S. Domingo : entworfen von Leyritz, Levassor und Bourjolly Colonisten Location: Menke-Large Box 2Folder-America
  • Grundrifs der Stadt Wien (city of Vienna) Location: Book-Individual Maps
  • A new and correct plan of London and Westminster with the latest improvements Location: Book-Individual Maps
  • A new plan of Jerusalem in which some attempt is made to reconcile… Location: Menke-Small70 Jerusalem
  • Charte von der Insel Elba und der Kuste des Furfthenthums Piombino nach Bacler Dalbe entworgen Location: Menke-Small30 Isle of Elloa 1814
  • Norfolk Location: Menke-Large Box 1F.A9
  • Map of the course of the Rhine from Mentz to Cologne: and of the course of the Maine and the Labn Location: Menke-Large Box 1F.A9
  • Geographical and Statistical Map of Germany. Map of Germany Divided According to the Treaty of Paris, and the Acts of the Congress of Vienna: Indicating the Places Rendered Celebrated by Sieges and Battles, Intended for the Elucidation of Lavoise's Historical Atlas by E. Paguenaud Location: Menke-Large Box 2Folder within unidentified folder
  • Ireland: from the best authorities Location: Book-Individual Maps
  • Ancient Italy Part III, and Sicily Location: Book-Individual Maps
  • Turkey II, containing the Northern Part of Greece Location: Book-Individual Maps
  • Turkey III, containing the Southern Part of Greece and Candia Location: Book-Individual Maps
  • The travellers pocket map of Louisiana Location: Book-Individual Maps
  • Munich = (München) Location: Menke-Large Box 2Folder-World
  • Carte der Schweiz Location: Book-Individual Maps
  • Map of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island: constructed from the latest authorities Location: Book-Individual Maps
  • Plan of the university and town of Cambridge Location: Menke-Small62 Cambridge Univ + Town
  • The Parish of St. James, Westminster, from a survey taken in 1755 Location: Menke-Small63 Parish of St. James…
  • The tourist's pocket map of the State of Georgia: exhibiting its internal improvements, roads, distances, &c./  Location: Book-Individual Maps
  • Maps of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge Location: Menke-Large Box 1F.A9
  • Herzogthum Nassau Location: Menke-Large Box 2Folder-World
  • Maryland & Delaware with parts of Pennsylvania & Virginia showing the railroads  Location: Book-Individual Maps
  • Eastern Hemisphere. Location: Menke-Large Box 2Folder-America
  • Plan of Constantinople and its suburbs Location: Menke-Small99 Constantinople
  • Colton's railroad & township map of Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut : with parts of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont & New York Location: Book-Individual Maps
  • Rand, McNally & Co.'s indexed county and railroad pocket map and shippers guide of West Virginia Location: Book-Individual Maps
  • Customs paperwork/Seamen's log Location: Menke-Large Box 2Folder-America

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